My Story

Copyright 2013. Heather Tyson. All rights reserved.

A classically trained actor, I began working in the automotive industry in 2000. Looking for a way to support myself on the mean streets of New York City (beyond pulling drafts at the local pub), I started working at trade shows. While I was working at the Toy Fair, I was presented with an opportunity to work at “national and international” auto shows (one could also say I was “recruited”). Having always dreamed of traveling the world, the international part got me, and I submitted my headshot and resume the next day. Little did I know that most, if not all, auto shows in the country are simply titled “International Auto Shows”. Yes, the job has taken me all over the country, from Miami to Spokane, from Boston to Fresno, but to date, there have been no stamps in the passport. Please note...I am still looking for that opportunity! 

A self-described driving enthusiast, I have been driving since the age of 15... Wait, 16. (Sorry, mom and dad, forgot you don’t know that I drove my best friend’s car once before I took a real driving lesson. Only down the street, around a corner, and almost into a wooden fence, so it never happened again... but alas, the secret is out.) I have always loved cars, loved to drive, loved any and all road trips. So even though this career path started by accident, my love of the automotive vehicle has grown by leaps and bounds. Whether in one-on-one vehicle demonstrations with consumers, detailed brand discussions with other passionate car lovers, or in formal presentations in front of large crowds, I love to look at, dream about, and talk about cars.

My many years of auto show experience, as well as my training as an actor, have led to on-camera hosting work. I am writing and filming car reviews for CarPro, taping coverage of automotive events, and working on short “How To” video guides, exploring the unusual as well as the routine in car care and maintenance. 

However, I am not an engineer. I am not a technician. I am not a mechanic. But I am a great presenter, facilitator and educator. I am able to understand automotive technology, break it down into simple terms, and explain why something in a vehicle is beneficial. In fact, it is this skill that I pride myself in: taking complicated technology as well as automotive terms and acronyms (ABS, BSI, LDW... see where this is going?) and simplifying them for laypeople. So don’t expect me to sound like a “gearhead”. Expect me to sound like an everyday woman who happens to have a good grasp on how to explain the benefits of automotive technology, and who enjoys helping people find vehicles that fit their needs.

Regardless of what I do, I have a lot of passion and enthusiasm. Raised in the Midwest, I carry that good ol’ work ethic into every job. Plus, I know the only way to get other people excited about what I'm talking about is to experience that excitement myself. Always willing to try something new (even if a bit scary...just wait for the video series: "Re-fueling a Natural Gas Vehicle"), I am ready, willing, and able to find and accept my next adventure.